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Body Shaping

We at RENDER, believe that looking good and feeling great, is everyone’s birthright! We also believe that , this is a realistic goal, provided we chart our route map correctly. Fortunately nowadays, more and more people are beginning to understand the importance of physical fitness and optimal nutrition, both from the health point of view, as well as the aesthetic perspective. It is important to understand that there are several components to health, fitness and a great looking body! Our body sculpting/ shaping treatments based on the Ultrashape Power and Coolsculpting, are truly advanced technologies that can deliver sure, definite and outstanding results. But what truly differentiates our body shaping programs from the competition is this : we boost every body sculpting treatment with an advanced level fitness and nutrition program, that takes the results to a completely different level. We have worked to formulate specific plans and programs to help with sure, and more importantly, SUSTAINABLE weight loss and body shaping.

The Ultrashape Power is a painless, and extremely comfortable option, and can safely target a variety of areas. Whether the goal is to lose love handles, or to tame tummy fat, or be it to lose arm fat – the UltraShape Power can manage all of these aims, very efficiently. What’s more, with the advanced Fitness Engineering and Nutrition Restructuring Programs, that come with Ultrashape Treatments – you will be on the fast track to all your body goals – great shape, weight loss and most importantly, a healthy body!

Coolsculpting is a very effective, highly advanced technology to help shape and sculpt your body – focusing especially on areas that are difficult to shape with regular work outs alone. By freezing fat cells and by destroying them permanently, Cool sculpting works to contour stubborn body areas like the love handles, the persistent paunch, the double chin and so on.By combining two, very powerful, very effective and totally non invasive technologies, we have developed a hard working protocol, which is able to bust even the most stubborn fat!

We believe that any results that we get out of these equipment based programs, can be easily maintained forever, provided we reset the metabolism. We are able to connect you with exceptional resources to this end – be it a nutritionist/ fitness trainer/ fitness physician/ endocrinologist/ gynecologist / post delivery special needs trainer – we have got you covered. Our hope is that you use Ultrashape Power to enhance your fitness regimen or weight loss drive – this way, we enjoy the treatment results as well as the good health that comes with a holistic wellness strategy.