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Permanent Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a fast growing need, with the opening of mindsets to be more accepting of body art. Though now a global trend, tattoos have always been part of the Indian tradition.

The request for permanent tattoo removal comes up in one of two scenarios – getting rid of an unwanted tattoo – may be because it is not aesthetically appealing or because the content is no longer relevant, or because one wants to get a better/more stylish tattoo done. The former, obviously is much more common, but the latter scenario is fast catching up.

At RENDER SKIN & HAIR (formerly, Dr Renita Rajan Skin & Hair Clinic),permanent tattoo removal gets the best ever tool possible in the world! The Picoway, which is a picosecond laser, is the best option for permanent tattoo removal in Indian skin types. By blasting the pigment using picosecond pulses as compared to nanosecond pulses available with older tattoo removal laser models, the Picoway laser is able to get the job done faster, and more completely without much impact to the surrounding, normal skin. The PICOWAY is called the Ferrari of Tattoo Removal – and works great for both coloured and black tattoos. You will be happy to watch your tattoos fade away in half the time as with other lasers, and with much less discomfort. Truly, nothing needs to last forever.

Before embarking on a course of permanent tattoo removal treatments, it is important to understand the key factors that play a role in determining the outcomes for a laser tattoo removal procedure.

Skin Type

We South Indians belong to higher skin types, IV/V/VI , and in these skin types, permanent tattoo removal does take longer and needs more sessions as compared to lighter skin types. Greater the contrast between the treated tattoo, and the skin surrounding it, higher is the energy that can be used to blast the tattoo pigment. Since in Indian skin types, higher energies may cause damage to surrounding skin, due to lesser contrast, we end up having to use lesser energies, and this adds a few more treatment sessions to the protocol. With the picosecond lasers, this factor can be minimized to a good extent, resulting in lesser sessions as compared to conventional nanosecond lasers. So if you are considering a permanent tattoo removal in Chennai, make sure to consider this factor, given the impact of skin type on the outcome.

Location of the Tattoo

This is the next most important factor. It is a known fact that the head and the neck areas have a richer network of blood vessels and lymphatic channels, and so have a better drainage as compared to areas like the hands and the feet. This helps in faster and more complete clearance of the tattoo particles, once they have been broken down by the laser to smaller sizes. Accordingly, tattoos on the head and neck, may require less treatment sessions than tattoos on the hands and/or the feet. The clearance follows the pattern as shown below.

Colour of the Tattoo

This is a very important factor, since appropriate matching of the laser wavelength with the pigment, is an absolute must for tattoo removal. Black pigments do best, as they readily absorb the laser energy. Red pigments come next, with multicolored tattoos likely to take more sessions for clearance as compared to the black tattoos.

Amount of Pigment

It is very easy to understand that the denser the tattoo, the more the pigment, and the longer it takes for removal by laser. This is something that needs to be factored in into the laser tattoo removal time frame. Of late, it has been possible to hasten the tattoo clearance by fine tuning protocols, and using multiple passes, stacking pulses, combination lasers and so on. These techniques underline the constant innovation possible in laser tattoo removal, and needs careful patient selection, wise choice of options, and a strong follow up protocol, all of which are our strengths at RENDER Skin & Hair.


It is only of late that more advanced treatments like the Picoway were made available in India. Even as the Picoway enters its second year at our clinic, it is a matter of fact that earlier available methods of tattoo removal were not the most advanced or the safest. So it used to be a common practice to hide an unwanted tattoo with a larger and denser tattoo. Now that awareness is spreading about the safe, advanced and faster removal of tattoos with lasers like the Picoway, we have more and more people choosing this complete option, even when they had simply hidden away their tattoos under a larger one. Layering of tattoos, may take longer time to clearance than a single layered tattoo. In understanding this factor about permanent tattoo removal, we can also understand why tattoo removal creams do not work. No tattoo removal cream is able to reach the depth of the skin, where the pigment if located, leaving lasers as the only treatment option to blast out pigment.

Scarring/ Tissue Change

It is possible to have a textural change/ scarring of the tattoo site – either from the process of tattooing, or from previous attempts for tattoo removal. It is important to proceed with caution, to prevent worsening of the tattoo, while simultaneously correcting the textural irregularities as well. It is here that our permanent tattoo removal protocols score over other methods – our protocol is aimed at managing previous tattoo removal failures, while simultaneously removing the pigment with each treatment session.

It is always necessary to keep these factors in mind, before planning for a permanent laser tattoo removal. The initial sessions need close monitoring, as there may be some oozing, crusting and even blistering, post a session of laser tattoo removal, and this needs some careful looking after. Later on, it is only a waiting game, as it does take time for the clearance to be visible and for changes to be noticeable. But then,after that step, you can surely enjoy the happily ever after!

For more information on tattoo removal, please mail us at appointments@renderclinic.com or call us/ message us at 9894488797, and we will be happy to help sort your doubts and concerns.