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Picoway is the world’s most advanced pigment and tattoo removal laser, and Dr Renita Rajan is an internationally acclaimed expert in Picoway treatments on Indian skin. She is the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for India, for the Picoway device. In other words, treatment protocols are being created specifically for Indian skin, at RENDER on a daily basis. And these are the treatment protocols followed the world over, when it comes to treating Indian skin types with the Picoway.

image of a dark spot on the cheek, removed by pigment laser called Picoway

So what is Picoway?

Picoway is the latest in the line of lasers, developed to remove skin pigmentation and tattoos. Pigment removal has been done so far, with a laser called Q switched Nd YAG laser. The important point to note that this laser, while being effective at removing pigment, created a lot of heat during the process – the photothermal effect. This was very effective for light coloured, Caucasian skin types. But for Indian skin types, this photothermal effect caused problems – either there was more pigmentation, or worse – there was scarring. This led to the evolution of a better way to break the pigment down. This is the photoacoustic effect. Using this, the laser was able to break or shatter the pigment without creating much heat in the process. This was truly a welcome step. However, the traditional lasers that are available in the market – the Q switched Nd YAG lasers, have much more photothermal effect than photoacoustic effect. So a new advancement, the Picoway laser was developed which would predominantly work using the photoacoustic pathway with minimal or no photothermal damage. Which is why it is possible today, to remove pigment without risking scarring or further worsening of pigmentation.

An image of melasma on the cheek demonstrating a clearance of pigment with Picoway laser, done by Dr Renita Rajan

Picoway can be used to treat a lot of pigmentary conditions, either as a solo treatment or in combination with other procedures. It works great for PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) resulting from acne, injuries, accidents, trauma, and for true pigmentary disorders like melasma. Pigmentation on the face and neck, resulting from hair dye use, responds beautifully to laser treatment with Picoway. Tattoo removal by laser has never been easier or safer for Indian skin, as with the Picoway.

A picture of skin rejuvenation of the cheek, using Picoway done by Dr Renita Rajan

Laser toning with this device, offers very noticeable improvement of the skin texture and pigment clearance. But most importantly, these results are really long lived. While no antiageing treatment can be ever truly permanent, long lasting results are always fantastic!

If you have a tattoo that needs to be taken care of – then this is the device for you. If you need your tattoo removed without a scar, then RENDER is the place for that! Here, we develop and implement newer protocols, techniques and sequences which help to remove the tattoo, safely and effectively. Need more information on the Picoway? Send us as email at appointments@renderclinic.com, and we will be very happy to help you get rid of that spot!