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Chemical Peels

With over 30 peels in use at our clinic, and thousands of peel treatments to our credit, we have extensive experience in using the latest peels in almost all types of skin, Indian and Western. Simply put, chemical peels are a method of resurfacing the skin. Depending on the intended depth, chemical peels can be of use in different conditions – from acne, oily skin, uneven skin tone, pimple related blemishes, tanned sun damaged skin, right up to acne scars, fine lines, under eye pigmentation and superficial wrinkles.

Usually a series of peels are required to achieve significant results, and it is possible to enjoy the benefits of a course of chemical peels with a good home care regimen. While basic peels like the safe and effective salicylic acid peels are best suited to treat acne prone Indian skin, advanced combination/ cocktail peels are often used for rejuvenation and anti ageing. With a good sunscreen, gentle cleanser and some patience, it is possible to churn out some great outcomes with a tailored peel regimen.