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Uneven Skin Tone

Patchy skin tone may result from many causes – sun exposure, wrong products, harsh facials, hormonal issues and finally, genetic conditions. The first step in managing patchy skin tone is to identify the cause. Once that is sorted, a treatment protocol will be devised, which will have 2 components – a repair and a maintenance phase. Though the repair phase is crucial to control existing patchiness, the mainstay will be the maintenance phase – mostly with the help of a DIY program with periodic follow ups at the Clinic.

The most useful treatments for an uneven skin tone are LED pigment modulation, Chemical Peels, Medifacials and Skin Toning with the Picoway.

The most important principles to be followed, either during the treatment, or during the maintenance phase, of an uneven skin tone are good sun protection and optimal skin rehydration.