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Tattoo Removal

RENDER Skin & Hair, introduced Picoway treatments to India, over a year ago. Dr Renita Rajan is the Key Opinion Leader for India, and is on the panel of doctors who prepare the treatment guidelines for Picoway treatments for South Asian skin types. Our experience, and our unique position as the India KOL, enables us to offer the latest protocols, rewrite existing treatment protocols based on our experience. This helps to make Picoway treatments, more effective and safe – not just for our clientele, but for all of India.

Picoway’s cutting edge technology cuts down the number of treatment sessions by more than half, compared to any currently available nanosecond laser device in the tattoo removal segment. The advantage of this treatment, over all others in the market, is the speed and completeness of clearance. The advantage of having this advanced treatment done at RENDER, is the possibility to prevent side effects – so that you do not replace your tattoo with a scar, but instead, with simply clear skin.