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About Us

RENDER SKIN & HAIR, at Egmore, is an exclusive Skin and Hair Clinic, that caters to needs related to Aesthetic and Cosmetic Skin and Hair issues, Non surgical Cosmetic Treatments, LASER treatments, Dermatosurgery and Dermatology.

The Clinic maintains high standards of professionalism and ethics, and provides access to the best and the most advanced treatments for skin and hair problems. An aesthetic ambiance, friendly staff, dermatologists trained at renowned institutions, and treatments based on proven clinical evidence are unique factors that help the Clinic enjoy a loyal clientele. The Clinic was ranked First among Skin Clinics in Chennai by the Times of India Lifestyle Clinics & Hospitals Survey 2015.

Our Philosophy

We aim to bring in the latest treatments and techniques from around the world to our discerning clientele in India. Be it formulating better and newer protocols for skin and hair treatments, customizing available advances to Indian skin, or bringing in brand new technology to India at large, and to Chennai in particular, we strive today, to make tomorrow better than yesterday!

We seek excellence in all that we do, success is simply a byproduct.

What We Actually Do?

We are a procedural dermatology clinic. What we mean by this is simple – where other conventional treatments and medicines have not worked for a particular concern, we are able to offer procedure based solutions, in accordance with evidence based medicine.

To give an example, for pigmentation that is resistant to topical applications and is recalcitrant to almost any other mode of treatment, we would offer the option of laser pigment removal. For the frontal hair loss of androgenetic alopecia, we would likely offer hair transplant, once the hair loss is stabilized, choosing this option over continuing topical treatments alone.

Why Do We Do This?

Because, with 80% of our clientele coming to us on a referral basis after having failed one or more conventional therapies, it makes sense to offer procedures which have a better chance of treating the condition than persist with older modalities.

That said, we always stick to recommended guidelines based on established research and published information. Continuing the above example, we would not offer hair transplant to someone with a compromised donor density, as this would simply not work!

Simply put, we just work hard to offer newer and emerging technology to our clientele, to maximize the clinical outcome. We are deeply committed to our ethical stand. In our clinic, you will not find sales persons, rather you will meet and be cared for, by medical and nursing professionals who have put in years of training into their skills. We are always looking to improve our follow up services, and we welcome constructive criticism in this regard.