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Skin Maintenance

We are all blessed with flawless and soft skin as babies, so what happens along the way? Why does the skin become dull, spotted, damaged and sallow, in our teens and through adult life, especially when we want our skin and our looks to boost our self esteem, our confidence and our chances of success in life?

So what happens along the way?

Why does my skin need Skin Maintenance?

Much like our homes, our cars and our roads, to be in good form, the skin also needs some repair and maintenance, and sometimes – a complete overhaul. Just as wear and tear breaks our machines down, the skin and its health become broken down over the years. From flawless baby skin, slowly as time rolls on, the skin becomes ravaged by exposure to sun, harsh chemicals, poor or non existent skin care, genetic influences and hormonal changes, bad lifestyle choices and use of inappropriate skin care products. Apart from genetic and hormonal factors, the rest are mostly self induced and it is possible to getter better skin, by tackling these factors. Just like how regular service and maintenance keep our cars running smoothly, the skin benefits immensely from regular maintenance and preventive care.

How does Skin Maintenance work?

At RENDER Skin & Hair (formerly, Dr Renita Rajan Skin & Hair Clinic), Skin Maintenance is a comprehensive preventive health concept focusing on undoing self inflicted skin damage, while putting in place a scientifc plan to take care of the skin damage due to underlying hormonal/ genetic factors. The Skin Maintenance program has 3 components – the initial Repair phase, where damaged skin is brought back to form using a combination of home care treatments along with aggressive in clinic treatments to get rid of skin damage. This is followed by a consolidation phase, where the skin is allowed to recuperate and return to its youthfulness. This is followed by a very carefully personalized Maintenance Phase – where the results of the Repair and Consolidation phase are maintained and built upon with continued care.

Depending on the age and the extent of skin damage, the repair phase may last anywhere from a few weeks to months, the consolidation phase runs for around 6 months, and then the compliments you get for your greatly improved skin are yours to keep for a lifetime through the maintenance program.

How do I benefit from Skin Maintenance?

The concept of a preventive health approach for anti-ageing, ensures that you can keep the years and the decades under control without resorting to invasive surgeries or resigning yourself to damaged skin. And a preventive approach ensures that you get maximum benefit for your skin by reducing the duration of the repair process. With Skin Maintenance, the aim of the therapy is on achieving healthy skin on a daily basis – not just before weddings and on occasion. With skin so healthy, day after day, you would just be ready for any opportunity, any day, every day!

When should I start Skin Maintenance?

As soon as you possibly can! Starting earlier helps beat much of the age induced damage, and gives an edge on limiting the number of repair treatments you may have to undergo. And as the Skin Maintenance process is a holistic one, you get the benefits of all round better health as well!

I am in the media field, do I need Skin Maintenance?

Absolutely so. Exposure to harsh lights, long hours, and heavy make up take a toll even on the best kind of skin. Skin Maintenance programs are especially suited to give media professionals and those in the entertainment industry, the best kind of skin care, given the highly demanding conditions of your work. And since healthy, attractive skin is very important on the career front, Skin Maintenance programs are a must for anyone looking for a long innings in the media/ entertainment industry.

How can I start my Skin Maintenance treatment?

Your personalized Skin Maintenance program starts after a personal consultation with Dr Renita Rajan. After evaluating the level of skin damage,and after checking you for any hormonal / genetic issues, Dr Renita Rajan will give you a road map to reclaim your skin’s health and youthfulness. She will outline the duration required for each phase and will suggest a realistic time frame to get back to great skin.