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Pigmentation is one of the most common problems, that we see in Indian skin. The treatment used for managing hyperpigmentation, depends primarily on the cause. We at RENDER Skin & Hair (formerly, Dr Renita Rajan Skin & Hair Clinic) employ a range of treatments, either singly or in combination, to deal with pigmentary problems. One of the most important aspects of treatment is a good maintenance protocol, which is crucial to sustain the results achieved by the treatments. Our latest addition to our treatment tools, is the advanced Picoway laser. Together with pigment lightening chemical peels, LED therapy, and resurfacing lasers, PICOWAY completes the array of pigmentation removal treatments available at our clinic. Dr Renita Rajan is credited with bringing this cutting edge technology to India, and is recognized as a Key Opinion Leader(KOL) in this field.

Some of the common conditions that can be treated with the Picoway are discussed below. For tattoo removal, click here.

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Picoway is used to quicken the results and deliver clearer skin, faster. Also, where PIH is stubborn and has failed other treatments, Picoway is used to give a breakthrough.


A very common pigmentary disorder in Indian skin, melasma is a condition that is associated with much social stigma. Creams available to treat melasma often contain hydroquinone, which can turn harmful when used beyond the recommended duration of a few weeks. Chemical peels are very useful, though recurrence is always a factor. The Picoway brings in new hope to sufferers of this condition, by providing better and faster rates of clearance, and by promoting lesser chances of relapse. A sunscreen is mandatory during and after the treatment course, your Case Manager will assist you in choosing a treatment grade sunscreen.

Nevus of Ota/ Becker's Nevus

These are pigmented birthmarks which cause a lot of stigma and suffering to those who have it. Treatment with lasers such as the PICOWAY is the only long term treatment option. In these conditions, the PICOWAY offers better and quicker results than conventional Q switched lasers.

Lentigines/ Sun Spots

Often a result of excessive sun exposure, and seen in the central part of the face, lentigines can be comfortably removed with pigment removal lasers, the most powerful of them being the PICOWAY. Maintenance involves strict sun protection and night creams containing vitamin A/ vitamin C.


The ultimate word in glow treatment, also known as Laser toning. Be it a tan you want to get rid of, or a special glow for a special day – the PICOGLOW treatments will keep your skin luminous and radiant. A no downtime treatment, a PICOGLOW is just the pick up you need before you head out to a party! You don’t have to dread sleepovers anymore, the PICOGLOW makes sure that your skin looks luminous, even as you tumble out of bed.

Our dual wavelengths are also available on fractional handpieces, making these treatments as safe as they are effective.