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Our team

We are a growing team of medical, paramedical and support personnel, working together to improve patient care and treatment experience. We believe that, to be able to stay on the cutting edge of dermatology, our expertise needs to as updated as possible. To this end, we are slowly growing towards a comprehensive dermatology practice, with specialists available to take care of the different sub specialties in this discipline, each of which require different skill sets and technical knowhow.

Our Consultants come with the highest credentials in the field, having trained at top notch institutions in this speciality. Further, they are committed to continuously updating themselves in their chosen fields of interest, and are considered regional and national experts in their respective fields. Besides being invited speakers at various academic meets and conferences, our Consultants also actively contribute to clinical publications.

Our Nursing and Paramedical staff are well experienced in handling the advanced surgical and laser equipment and are able to deliver outstanding results for any given procedure, entrusted to them. Our admin and support personnel ably enable the medical and paramedical staff to perform their tasks, satisfactorily.

We attribute the success of all our endeavors and initiatives to our strong teamwork. We are aware that we are as strong as our weakest team member. Programs aimed at employee welfare, and ongoing training and development projects are carried out to ensure that our workforce stays attuned, updated and happy!