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Clinic Policy

Practice Policy

  • We try our best to treat your concern in the best possible way, based on our experience. It is very well possible that we succeed, but sometimes, it is also possible that we may not. While we strive to increase our success percentage, we are unable to offer any guarantee on any procedure/ service / consultation.
  • Many conditions take time to resolve. As much as we would want a speedy recovery, there is only so much that we can push the human body to. Patience and understanding of your skin condition/ diagnosis is truly appreciated.
  • Some treatments, like non surgical face lift, are spread out over time, and are offered in multiple sessions – this is just how the treatment works. It would be unwise to expect results with a single session! Please do check with the doctor/ nurse regarding the protocol that is suggested for you, before signing up for the sessions/ paying for them.
  • Pigmentation treatments involve good after care from your end of the bargain. Sun exposure will interfere with outcomes, and you are encouraged to use sunscreen regularly. You are also encouraged to let your doctor know, if you are unable to adhere to the after care, for any reason, so that the procedure can be rescheduled for later.
  • Hair loss treatments can give suboptimal results, if the recommended lifestyle modifications are not followed.
  • Body shaping treatments, work best when you are able to maintain your body weight within the recommended limits. Our treatments do not, and cannot, replace basic measures like a good diet and a regular exercise regimen. Rather, our treatment complement your efforts, and help you tame the difficult bits.
  • We wish to treat you like family, and offer you a great experience and some good results. It will encourage us a lot if you are courteous and polite to us, too!.
  • We are able to accommodate a maximum of 40 patients/ clients in a day. We may be able to accommodate more in the future, but at this point, we feel that the above is a good number, as we do not want to compromise on waiting time and quality.
  • Please note that you are under NO COMPULSION, at any point in time, to undergo any treatment/ consultation at our Clinic. We understand if you need second opinions, or want to have your procedure done elsewhere .
  • Despite all the terms and conditions here, we are on your side! We just want the best outcomes, so that we both can be happy!

Payment Policy

  • All consultations and treatments are to be paid for, BEFORE availing the service. This is to avoid ambiguity and / or surprises later on.
  • All payments made will be acknowledged with a receipt, so please make sure to collect the same. We can also mail your invoice to you, if you prefer so.
  • Payments are non transferable between individuals, except for some services. Please check with our front desk BEFORE making any payment, for the same.
  • Refunds for payments made through the EDC, will be issued as cheques, and not as cash.
  • For procedures that involve blocking a time slot of more than 30 minutes, a non refundable advance has to be made to book the slot. This is to avoid no shows/ delayed arrivals, which in turn upsets the schedule of the day, causing delays to other patients/ clients.

Making An Appointment

Please note that all consultations and procedures are scheduled only on an appointment basis. We are unable to accommodate walk ins at this time. Appointments can only be fixed with the personnel at the clinic, either over phone, or email, with the latter being much preferred to avoid ambiguity. Appointments booked on any other portals/ sites will not be honoured.

Appointments may not be available on days of hair transplant surgery/ acne scar surgery. Appointments for scheduled procedures like laser hair removal or chemical peels, will be blocked and intimated to you ahead. Should you wish to change/ modify your schedule, do let us know ahead.

One of our top priorities at the clinic is to reduce your waiting time. We have made some good ground in this aspect over the years, but we are aware that this is a work in progress. Also medical situations beyond our control, sometimes end up upsetting the day’s schedule. However, we do not take your time or ours, lightly, and will continue to try our best to reduce the waiting time. It would be great if you can cooperate with us towards achieving this, any constructive comments in this regard, are most welcome.