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Acne & Acne Scars

Nearly every one of us faces this problem at some time or another. While for some it may be an easily identified problem such as doing one too many facials, for others it may be a more troublesome, chronic problem with multiple underlying triggers. While some may develop acne during adolescence, for others, the first breakout may happen well into adulthood. Genetic factors, hormonal causes and environmental influences like diet – all have a role in producing, maintaining or exacerbating acne.

The biggest concern about acne is about the scars that are left behind, often for life. This makes it highly important to begin treating acne as early as possible, as effectively as possible.

Dr Renita Rajan is an expert in acne treatment, and specializes in combining medical treatments for acne while simultaneously targeting and preventing acne scars using procedural treatments like chemical peels and lasers. This approach gives results faster, with less downtime – so that you can get back to life, more quickly than ever!

Acne treatments are individualized depending on the grade of acne, possibility for scarring, existing scarring, potential for side effects and so on. These treatments are often structured in graded manner, so that a person with acne, begins with the most basic rung of treatment, and proceeds to higher levels only if required. This protocol minimizes the number of procedures, and assists the body in the recovery process, without having to resort to strong/ high doses of medicines right away.

Considering a consultation at Dr Renita Rajan Skin & Hair Clinic for acne?

As specialists in acne management, we have helped hundreds of individuals beat acne and get back their confidence. It is very important that you participate in the treatment as much as possible, because after the initial intensive phase of treatment, you will be on a maintenance protocol, which is usually an at home, DIY regimen.

If you are a smoker, consider quitting at the earliest, as there are links tying smoking to acne, and smoking directly interferes with treatment results.

In women with acne, there is a strong underlying link to hormonal causes – evaluation for this may require blood workup and /or ultrasonogram tests. If you have any tests done earlier, do bring them along with you to the consultation. Also, if you have been on treatments for your acne in the past,make sure to bring the details withyou, regardless ofwhether the treatments worked for you or not.

Sunscreen use is mandatory to get good results while treating acne. Your Case Manager at Dr Renita Rajan Skin And Hair Clinic will help you choose the sunscreen that will suit you best. She will also help you understand your medicines, and coach you on the way to use them, whilst setting up your follow up appointments as per your chosen treatment protocol.

Acne Scars

Acne scar surgery is an art, and requires multiple modalities to get the best results. We have access to established and emerging technology in managing acne scars and commonly use devices such as fractional CO2 Laser and radiofrequency needling, in combination with gold standard dermatosurgery procedures like subcision –to provide maximum results in minimum number of sessions.

Dr Renita Rajan Skin & Hair Clinic is one of the few clinics in India, to provide comprehensive acne scar management, using both dermatosurgery and device based technologies. Dr Renita Rajan’s innovations in scar surgery have been showcased in the Innovation Award Section of the ACSI Annual Conference, 2014 and 2016. Dr Renita Rajan’s innovations in acne scar surgery won her the first place at the Young Dermatologists Award Forum at the COSDERMINDIA, August 2016.

Our extensive expertise in scar management comes from our passion for treating acne scars!