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Treatments for Hair Loss

Scalp Microneedling: This is a very useful treatment option, that is employed as the first line of management in our Clinic, along with topical agents. Planned for 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the severity of shedding, this treatment helps control shedding of hair, and promotes regrowth. This treatment is used for both men, and women with hair loss, and has been innovatively developed in house, and has shown significant promise. Maintenance is continued once the initial cycles are completed, usually with DIY topical applications.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: This modality stimulates the hair stem cells, and help in hair rejuvenation – with a resultant increase in hair density and diameter. A relatively new and innovative treatment, this makes use of the patients’ own blood to generate the growth factor rich PRP.

Medical Management: This has been our forte for managing most cases of hair loss, especially when topical / adjuvant treatments have not been of sufficient help. More often, depending on the severity of hair loss, these treatments may be initiated along with adjuvant/ topical treatments.

Low Level Laser Therapy: Studies have shown the efficacy of this treatment in increasing the hair count, and decreasing shedding. However, this is an adjuvant treatment, and is often not adequate as a stand alone option.